New Mexico Dance Project is more than just a dance company. We aim to be a hub for high caliber dance across the state through the implementation of NMDP PHASE II

During the course of our first year as a company we realized the need for accessible resources that could be used to produce concert works in alternative settings. We distilled this resource need to a very simple list of equipment and supplies that we feel could do the most good in helping local artists, including ourselves, in the development and production of new works for the general public.

We believe that with the right tools we can help cultivate an environment of collaboration among local dance artists that continues to grow the impact and reach of dance throughout the region.

PHASE II Supporting Priorities:

  • Build Touring Stage and Purchase Marley Floor (Estimated cost: $3,000)

  • Purchase Touring PA System (Estimated cost: $1,400)

  • Production Computer: (Estimated cost: $799)

  • Purchase Lighting Instruments and Adaptor for Company  Computer (Estimated cost: $2,700)

  • Connect with other local presenters/businesses for collaborations on annual events.

Overall cost projection of $9,000 (includes small technical equipment not listed above)