What We Do:

Original Works, Film Projects, Training Opportunities, and Collaborations are all aspects of New Mexico Dance Project’s vision to reach, develop, and involve our audience and community.

  • Original Works:

    As a two-person collective, NMDP focuses on producing thought-provoking and authentic original works that center around the art of storytelling. We believe that dance offers more than just aesthetic engagement or entertainment. We believe dance is tangible, identifiable movement, designed specifically to express our humanity through the personal, the funny, the uncomfortable, the thrilling, and the unexpected moments that connect us to ourselves and one another.

  • Film Projects:

    Capturing the ephemeral quality of dance in film is a unique challenge that NMDP feels is vital to the progress of dance as a 21st century art form. We feel that this blending of artistic genres has the added potential of being more accessible to people of various cultural and social backgrounds, thus broadening the way in which our audience identifies with dance.

  • Training Opportunities:

    NMDP offers residency and guest artist workshops to schools throughout the southwest region as a means of fulfilling our desire to engage the next generation of artists. NMDP utilizes a training approach to ballet and contemporary dance that gives space for individual expression while providing clear reference points and techniques that aid in the development of aesthetic awareness and artistic responsibility.

  • Collaborations:

    Sharing the creative space with our community in cross disciplinary performances is at the heart of NMDP’s vision. Dance has always been a medium that thrives most when it gives space for the other creative disciplines on the same stage. It is our hope that by sharing both our craft and inspiration with others in the artistic community, we can elevate not just the art form of dance, but also our potential for impact.