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Scarlett Wynne, Artistic Director

“I am a seeker of possibilities. I believe in thoughtful, well executed, and risk taking work. I challenge myself daily to learn, to grow, and to be stretched beyond what is comfortable. It is through this, that I experience the full potential of life. My hope is that through my art, I can offer my audience originality in everyday life, by widening perspectives and deepening expectations .

Scarlett has over ten years of professional experience in the performing arts as a dancer, choreographer, and instructor. She holds her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and has worked with companies across the country such as The Georgia Ballet, Dominic Walsh Dance Theatre, Lemon Sponge Cake Contemporary Ballet, Wonderbound, and The Big Muddy Dance Company.

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Erik Sampson, Executive Director

I believe that dance has the ability to touch our souls. The body has a way of communicating ideas that pass through the conscious into an area of vulnerability that offers an opportunity for deep impact. It’s in this human connection that I am most inspired and motivated. There are some ideas that words alone just cannot capture.

Erik has worked professionally as a dancer, teacher, and choreographer since 2010 and holds his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance. In 2014, Erik’s passion for youth development and community impact lead him into educational development resulting in the founding of the Arts Immersion Program in 2015, later known as the Immersion STEAM Schools.